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Share your claim, claim your share.

Our story

For most people it is difficult, if not impossible, to independently start a lawsuit. The costs are enormous, it is for almost everyone totally unknown territory and it is a particularly stressful adventure. So we thought: if there are multiple people with the same legal problem, collaboration is the solution. But how do you find fellow claimants and how do you organize that? If in a particular case a collective has already been formed, it is often lacking supervision and/or professionalism. The counterparty, however, is often wealthy, experienced and powerful. Thus it is an unequal struggle.

We believe that in this age of technological progress, this inequality is unnecessary. That is why we have designed a high-quality online platform that offers claimants in a claim an online base and structure to start a court case together. With our over 35 years of experience in the legal profession and over 20 years of experience with crowd building and technology, we help (co-)claimants, specialist lawyers and potential funders find each other. And we support them until the end of the procedure. A Supervisory Committee ensures that all agreements are complied with. By forging a powerful collective and providing professional support, ClaimShare contributes to the creation of more equal opportunities, which in the legal field is also referred to as 'equality of arms'. This is done for the sole purpose of achieving a just solution for everyone.

Core values

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    ClaimShare ensures that agreements and interests are clearly described on the website, that the progress is clearly communicated and that if there is to something to be distributed, it is clear in advance who gets what.

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    The ClaimShare team has in total more than 35 years of experience with legal procedures and over 20 years of experience with crowdfunding and technology. The platform is professionally protected and the process is guided by experts.

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    Customer focussed

    The claimants and funders are the top priority of ClaimShare. Your interests are very important to us and if we make a decision, we always explain why. You have already been harmed; we are here for you.


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    Dirk-Jan van den Broek
    Founder and CEO

    Dirk-Jan is the founder of ClaimShare. He has worked for 18 years as a lawyer and legal adviser for claimants as well as large financial institutions in the field of financial law.

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    Han Beekhuizen

    Han has been a lawyer for over 20 years. He has an excellent reputation in the field of litigation involving highly complex investment disputes. He looks at the feasibility of procedures and the quality of the team.

  • Foto irma zw
    Irma Offenberg
    Office manager

    Irma has over 20 years of experience in office administration for various foundations. At ClaimShare she handles the administration and supports the claim foundations and the Supervisory Committee.

  • Rs pim
    Pim Betist
    Growth hacker

    Pim was involved from the very beginning of the crowdfunding movement while at music platform SellaBand and was recently involved in the crowdfunding campaign for The Ocean Cleanup. At ClaimShare he is involved as a strategist and crowd-building and crowdfunding expert.

  • Photo sophie zw
    Sophie Tuit
    Process manager

    Sophie has over 5 years of experience as a lawyer and has successfully assisted many SMEs and start-ups. At ClaimShare she is responsible for process management, data protection and legal support.

  • Rs thomas
    Thomas van der Zouwe
    Technical development

    Thomas van der Zouwe has already guided crowdfunding campaigns from start to finish and has worked on crowdfunding software for ABN AMRO, among others. At ClaimShare he is responsible for technical development.

Supervisory Committee

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    Prof. dr. W.F. de Koning RA

    Mr. de Koning is a chartered accountant and professor emeritus of Accounting Information Systems at the Nyenrode Business University.

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