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How does it work?

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    1. Finding

    Have you suffered damages? ClaimShare publishes cases to which you can apply. You can find them below. If your case is not published, you can report a case by clicking 'Read more'. Read more

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    2. Registering

    You can register free of obligation by simply filling in your e-mail adress and push the 'Submit'-button. You will receive an email with a link for logging in and instructions complete your application. Read more

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    3. Gathering

    We gather as many claimants possible to be as strong as possible against the counterparty. Once we have gathered enough participants and the funding is arranged, the proceedings for recovery start. Read more

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    4. Litigation

    We will start the legal proceedings. We will either try to reach a favorable judgement or an amicable settlement. After that, claimants and funders get their share. Read more

Why ClaimShare?

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    Free participation

    For claimants participating is free of charge. If you receive (damages) compensation, you forfeit a part of it. The size of that portion depends on the case.

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    We protect your personal information and your participation is kept secret from others. We will disclose only with your consent. In large claims we respect the claim code, that protects you from a.o. conflicts of interest.

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    No hassle

    ClaimShare coordinates the entire process. You just need to register as a claimant and after that complete the subcription process online. During the legal process we keep you informed.



In October 2016 personal data of 57 million Uber customers around the world were stolen as a result of a data breach at Uber. Uber subsequently failed to disclose the breach for more than a year. This is a clear violation of privacy rules. Uber users outside the USA and China with an Uber account registered before July 2015 are eligible to claim compensation. We claim €250 per user.


The certificates in the Bouwfonds Office Value Fund N.V. in 2005 and 2006 were sold as 'low-risk'. Then the value nevertheless largely evaporated. Because borrowed money was invested, a 1 euro decrease in the real estate value resulted in a 3 euro decrease in the value of the certificate. Therefore the investment should have been described as 'high-risk'.  The initiators did not warn investors of this risk at the time. Read more and register free of obligation.

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